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Prodigal's News

Posted by Prodigal - October 16th, 2010

I know this is very ironic because I make Electro and other electronic based genres, but this website needs alot of attention because it makes a great point.

- 80's Fantasy - ATTENTION!!! Music autoplays when you enter the site, so be weary.

This website is basically made as a comeback to retaliate the ever expanding library of rap and pop music that just shouldn't be getting as much attention as it should. The website is growing slowly, as forums have been added just recently, but there are alot of things you can do on there if you want to communicate with the lovers of the classics.

I've contributed to this website in small pieces, I've made the new BG and a couple of banners, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyways, that's all I'd like to clear out!


Actually, check out some of my recent audio submissions kthx

Posted by Prodigal - September 17th, 2010

Well, first off, I got a new desktop computer, booming with decent specs ( 1 GB of RAM, 512 mb GFX card, etc.) So I WILL be producing alot better music compared to when I had my shitty computer (I only submitted one piece of audio when I had it anyways)

Since all my album work is on my broken laptop, lost, I might as well try to make another album with this computer.


Also, to fend off trolls, forgot to mention I got this all for FREE

Posted by Prodigal - September 2nd, 2010

I have several dicks in my mouth right now, discuss that.

Posted by Prodigal - July 30th, 2010


well album almost half way done \o/

that's all for now

also laptop screen kinda messed

Posted by Prodigal - June 30th, 2010

On a first note, I finally got my laptop fixed. it's been since January that I had broken the laptop, but it's finnaly fixed, PLUS an additional 1 GB of RAM installed in it.

On a second note, I am going away for the summer to visit grandma, and although she has internet there (dial up), I will not be visiting NG for a while :P

Lastly, I had been making some random stuff and decided I should try to make an EP :P

See you all later!

Here is the EP album art :P

Got my laptop back, Going away for summer, Possible EP!

Posted by Prodigal - May 14th, 2010

hai guise, it's Ignore Prodigal Week, participate or gtfo of Newgrounds

Posted by Prodigal - April 21st, 2010

Can't do this anymore I heard. Oh well, now I can actually read interesting statuses without seeing YADDA YADDA BECAME A FAN OF SOME KIND OF THING EVERYONE DOES IN THEIR LIFE

Jesus it's about time someone stopped it. But now we have to struggle through the liking phase where they substitute Fan for Like. Fucking bullshit Facebook.

Lols Facebook

Posted by Prodigal - April 5th, 2010

i quit

Posted by Prodigal - March 31st, 2010

Since I have finally gotten a top 5 on the Newgrounds Audio Portal, I may as well just introduce myself here.

I am Prodigal Newgrounds, originally Typhlanar. I have been submitting music here for about 2 years, and haven't gotten a single top 5 until now. Thank you Newgrounds, and keep at it with the awesome website!

(Yes, I am a suck up.)

Posted by Prodigal - March 22nd, 2010

Mich created a fantastic IRC channel!! For those of you who don't know what an IRC is, it is basically a chat room. You should go check it out!