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Prodigal's News

Posted by Prodigal - July 11th, 2009

Hey, I have submitted my latest creation, "Graceful", go check it out!

Posted by Prodigal - July 8th, 2009

I finally have some decent production going on here! Check out Graceful, my latest WiP. It is trance, and i'm sure it'll make up for the shitty loops I submitted, lol.

Posted by Prodigal - June 23rd, 2009

Sorry that I have been almost completely inactive for a month, I have had other things to do than hang around on a website all day. You see, It's not 100% that either, it's that I am struggling with music now. I am struggling with melodies, with drums, with bass. I think it is my workspace. I am cooped up in a small room with my little brother all day (due to his wanting of playing the xbox to no end, lucky me it's in the same room ans my computer) trying to make music, when he's yelling because these super mutants killed him with a nail board. It is also the fact that my aunt doesn't like loud noise, but my cousin can play his music louder than I can. Hell, I get in trouble with the volume dial a little bit above a quarter. My mother is getting a crapload of money off a court case soon, so we can move out of this hellhole and actually start to live proper lives. I'll get a new computer (cause this crappy box struggles with the playing of Runescape [It is that old] and I am even lucky that it can run FL.
So in the mean time, I won't be submitting anything big, and I don't know if I can finish the RaveLeNation remix. Once again, the idea of no melodies comes into mind.


Posted by Prodigal - May 10th, 2009

I have finally reached my 20th Fan in audio! I am proud, I would like to dedicate this post to all the people the fav'd me and especially to kendallchild, who made this post come true by clicking the "Add artist to favourites" button!


PS: I have a new song cooking up for you guys, The last WiP I pulled off wasn't so great for NG so I made something else... if enough people tell me to submit a demo of it I will... until then... Goodbye...

EDIT: Fk it, i'm submitting the new WiP.

20th Fan!

Posted by Prodigal - May 6th, 2009

I take a look at the top 5 in the Audio Portal, AND THEY ARE ALL FKING HIPHOP AND STUFF LIKE THAT. I wanted to see at least 2 Dance/Trance... But nooo... dem rappahz frum da crib gotta bust dis club up with their fancy talking over kick and clap.

Posted by Prodigal - April 29th, 2009

How come whenever I try to get somewhere with my music, some stupid little kid has to come by and vote it down? That is the only fking problem on this site and no one does anything about it. I am also aware of people that vote up their songs and see that I have a higher score than them. They get jealous and want that spot, so they vote my song down so that they get all the glory that I (may have) deserved... That is, until some other artist comes by and votes him down to get his score up, and it just goes on.

Anyways, no more ranting about Zerobombers. That's all I'd like to say.

Maybe go check out that song out, It's name is Equalization.

Have a good day,

Posted by Prodigal - April 14th, 2009

New WiP out! It is some random chords, I will complete it if I get enough encouragement!
Other than that, I had a fabulous Easter, sold flippin flowers all weekend lol. Made $80 though :)

Hope you all had a good Easter!


ALSO: New picture :P

New WiP!

Posted by Prodigal - March 27th, 2009

I was truely shocked at what he had made, a remake of my song, "Saint's Cry". I knew about the remix, but I didn't think about it being THIS EPIC. Go check it out, NOW.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /224487 (remove any spaces)

I gladly thank Mcew for making a big emotional tune, I almost cried out of excitement and epicness.

Posted by Prodigal - March 27th, 2009

I've been checking my songs alot lately, brcause of one reason. My song "Illuminated Pathway", has 1500 LISTENS, but only 3 Fking reviews. THAT, right there, shows how much NG cares about my music. It is an old song too, that is what bugs me the most, one of my FL Core songs is making my moat popular song, that is just sad. It's score isn't even that good, whenever it gets to 4.40 it goes right back down to 4.20-4.30, so idk why it's such a good song.

Well, what I am saying is, go check out the song's stats, maybe leave a review if you wish ; I'm not asking you to, i'm just saying you can.

Posted by Prodigal - February 15th, 2009

I am happy to announce that I made a logo! (finally!)
So, Take a look at my logo, comment on it, idk, just... critisise :D

I also submitted Aquamarine (Full) so take a look at that if you wish!

Dj-Typhlanar :D