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D: Wow.

This has a REALLY interesting atmosphere. The percussion, synths, and FX all played out a part in making the atmosphere kinda creepy. The panning LFO on the synths is brilliant. This is good work :P Although in the end of the song, you could fix the piano, as it sounds like it's playing a melody in a major key, whereas the rest of the song easily sounds like it's in a minor key :P

Keep it up, bro!

SeeD419 responds:

Yeah you're almost certainly right. I need a crash course in basic music theory. I honestly have no idea what the difference between major and minor even is. I just shit out random notes and hope for the best xD

A good start.

I didn't know you made music :P

What this track needs is some more punchier percussion, and some really deep and calm pads playing some chords to layer into the background. Aside from that, it's pretty good. Keep it up :D

SeeD419 responds:

Hey thanks for the review, this is errm...def not my best work by any means. More of experimentation tbh


I like long walks on beaches, strawberries and peaches

krssvr responds:



You could've told me you dedicated this song to me baby<3

LOLjk, but seriously, good work.

merlin responds:

What can I say? You've been my muse all along, sweetie!


What the fuck, Newgrounds.

Can't you cut us semi-pro musicians some slack? How the hell are we supposed to get exposure if you zerobomb all our shit?

Anyways, amazing song. The intro is wonderful, the sidechaining is fantastic and your synths are well chosen. Your vocals are fitting to the atmosphere. an idea so that your song title matches the vocals would be to sing "i'm dancing free" and place it in at transitions like at 1:57 and at the end of this demo.

After 1:57, the sidechaining seems to take over the mix. Maybe you should lighten the sidechaining abit or add in a pad or a quiet synth and work around with that.

That's all the critisism I have for now :P keep up the good work!

ShootingStar responds:

I will definitely check out the stuff you said, and well, I could do the transition "I'm dancing free" but these are pretty old vocals (and not mine, got them from another vocalist)
But thanks! Glad you liked it :)


Great piece.

Melody was perfect, and the piano sounded so authentic. The accompanying ocarina helped it out as well. Good job. Hope to see it gets many more views as people find out your daily spot.

Keep up the good work.

Emotional and Inspiring.

A great piano piece accompanied by strings. keep this up.

Stargenx responds:

Thanks for the review.

:D w00

Jesus H. Christ that was awesome. Your production techniques are awesome. I liked the arps and shit. The chorus is amazing as well. Keep this shit up.


I think your speakers were broken when you made this ;-;


If by crediting the source, you mean crediting Toby Emerson for the guitar loop, then I sure will.

Make some real music, don't fucking take a guitar loop from FL Studio and add an offbeat kick to it.

It's kids like you that piss me off >_>

funkycaveman responds:

When I said credit the source, it was referring to crediting the original music (the source). If I wanted the credit I would say credit me.

Not everyone can be pros at making music, we do other things.

you're 15. kid.


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