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2011-06-15 00:03:20 by Prodigal

RIP Prodigal.
Sevkat has now taken custody of this account.
Heil mien fuhrer Sevkat.


2011-06-05 21:47:48 by Prodigal

Things are sitting smoooooth.


2011-05-31 18:02:43 by Prodigal



2011-05-30 21:58:33 by Prodigal

I'm feeling better now. Thanks for the couple of people who tried. :P


2011-05-02 08:24:22 by Prodigal

If you haven't already, go check out The Audio Portal, and share it with all your musician friends. The site is aimed at improving everyone's music skills, but it can only work if there's an active growing community, which is what I ask your help for. We have a chat, a forum, and of course, a portal for audio submissions! Check it out today!

ALSO, I am Archealor. Sorry if this is a disappointment, but everyone gets a little crazy sometimes and feels like submitting complete jokes to NG.


2011-03-02 07:12:27 by Prodigal

If BeefourMusic gets another fucking Top 5 of the week i'm changing my password to gibberish and leaving.


2011-01-31 16:20:54 by Prodigal

As much as I hate making music today, I created a soundcloud to upload some old work.



2010-12-23 15:20:01 by Prodigal

look at this neat youtube video


New contact E-Mail!

2010-12-09 17:41:27 by Prodigal

I usually don't do this, but I decided to make a public, contact email address that lets people talk to me over MSN.

It's mainly going to be for talking to fans (LOL FANS HAHAHAHAHHAH PRODIGAL YOU HAVE FANS?), fellow musicians and just plain ol' people.

If you feel like chatting or something, feel free to add:


Picture I made on Apophysis, one of the best fractal geometry-based graphic programs i've used :P

New contact E-Mail!

How often does this happen?

2010-11-12 07:08:40 by Prodigal

You're sitting here, minding your own business, when you get a phone call from your step-dad. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Well, it falls apart when he tells you that his truck blew up. Literally. The alternator was screwing up a lot, and being the family that barely has enough money to spend on themselves, we couldn't get it fixed because of how expensive it would be. My step-dad was just driving by his dad's house to go switch out for his dad's truck, because that's what they do when our truck wasn't working right. Well, a little bit after my step-dad was inside the house, the neighbors came by, exclaiming that the truck's hood was on fire. A minute or two after that, the truck exploded. Windshield completely destroyed, the front hood melted, any belongings that were in the truck are completely turned to ash, etc...

TL;DR Our truck exploded because of the alternator

We now have to use our grandpa's truck that my step-dad was going to get, and we still have to start moving our stuff out to our new house.

Just sayin'

My parent's friend got some video capture of the aftermath as well, shitty phone quality but still nonetheless something that would be entertaining.

Music production has basically grown to a halt because i'm simply impatient and not inspired. The fact that my brother goes on the computer everyday for the rest of the night doesn't help either.

How often does this happen?